I offer a wide variety of in-person mushroom cultivation and identification lessons. My teaching days are all modular and as so can be tailored to suit an audience be it absolute beginners to established mushroom growers and mycophiles.

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and understanding of the kingdom of fungi.

Here are some of  topics I can offer as a teacher:

  • The Magical World of Mushrooms – An inspiring look at the amazing kingdom of fungi and how they are being used to help combat climate change.
  • Mushroom growing for beginners – how to grow mushrooms at home with very little equipment.
  • Farm waste hack – how to turn waste streams from your farm into profitable additional products.
  • Designing and building low-tech outdoor mushroom growing solutions – a complete demonstration and installation of mushroom growing logs and wood chip beds.
  • Intermediate level indoor mushroom cultivation – How to create your own liquid cultures, grain spawn and sterilised bulk substrates.
  • Advanced mushroom cultivation – how to use agar plates, master slants, mushroom tissue cloning, strain isolation and selective breeding .
  • Introduction to mushroom identification – understanding genera and how to use mushroom identification keys.




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