Easy Mushroom Growing Live Course – Learn to grow gourmet and sacred mushrooms

Have you always wanted to grow your own mushrooms, but don’t know where to start?

Have you tried to grow mushrooms before and failed?

Are you overwhelmed by all the conflicting advice there is online?

If this sounds like you, then join the Easy Mushroom Growing Course!

This course is a unique chance to work with me for 2 months In-person.


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My course will run every week for 8 weeks with 2 hour sessions covering everything you need to know to grow your own gourmet and magic mushrooms at home – Get ready for a massive 16 hours of in person tuition where you can ask any questions that you may have. You can practice all the things learnt during the week and then bring any questions to the session the following week.


I will teach you exactly how you can grow mushrooms at home – whilst avoiding common beginner mistakes.

Get ready to:

⭐ Feel clear about what to do and what you need to grow mushrooms 

⭐ Progress with your growing skills 

⭐ Feel confident in your mushroom growing process 

⭐Meet some new fungi-loving-friends!

Here is what we will cover:

Session 1 Tuesday 11th January 2022 6.30 – 8.30pm GMT

? Intro and welcome

? Introduction to fungi ecology

? An in-depth look at fungi in the ecosystem and the importance of understanding fungi habitat in mushroom cultivation

? Why grow mushrooms?

Session 2 Tuesday 18th January 2022 6.30 – 8.30pm GMT

? Introduction to mushroom cultivation

? Equipment overview for mushroom growing

? Cultivation Space considerations 

? Health and safety in mushroom cultivation and safely using equipment

? Obtaining and maintaining liquid cultures

? Making Brown Rice Flour cakes

Session 3 Tuesday 25th January 2022 6.30 – 8.30pm GMT

? How to inoculate your brown rice flour cakes

? Clean room procedure and sterile technique

? How to build a still air box

? How to incubate and colonise your substrate

? Contamination prevention and isolation processes

Session 4 Tuesday 1st February 2022 6.30 – 8.30pm GMT

? How to make perfect grain spawn

? Methodology of creating optimum moisture content grain spawn

? How to build your own bespoke double filter jars for perfect grain spawn colonisation

? Sterilisation process for grain jars

Session 5 Tuesday 8th February 2022 6.30 – 8.30pm GMT

? Introduction to bulk substrates

? Working with straw and sawdust 

? How to select the perfect substrate for your mushrooms

? Pasturisation methods for cleaning substrates

? How to cook straw effectively for optimum mushroom colonisation

? Preparation of sawdust for mushroom cultivation

? Containers for bulk substrates

Session 6 Tuesday 15th February 2022 6.30 – 8.30pm GMT

? Introduction to cultivation of Sacred mushrooms, Compost decomposing mushrooms and Coprophilous fungi

? Sourcing spores and storage

? Preparation of coir based substrates

? Sourcing and processing manure for mushroom cultivation

? Building monotubs and growing containers for Sacred Mushrooms

Session 7 Tuesday 22nd February 2022 6.30 – 8.30pm GMT

? Complete guide to fruiting mushrooms

? Understanding fruiting parameters

? Building and designing the perfect fruiting chambers for optimum mushroom yields

? Pest control and prevention methods

? Contamination control and prevention methods

?Everything you need to know about harvesting

? Drying and Storing your mushrooms 

? Introduction to mushroom extraction and tincturing

Session 8 Tuesday 1st March 2022 6.30 – 8.30pm GMT

? Expansion of cultures through Liquid culture expansion

? Building outdoor grow spaces, including straw beds

? Final overview of course material and sharing of experiences

My courses are very interactive and this one involves several practical elements with actual hands-on learning. You will learn all the necessary skills to replicate the process you learn in class to grow successfully at home.

I will also cover lots of useful and interesting information about mushrooms and the amazing ecological roles that they perform in the environment – and how we can harness some of these amazing abilities as growers.

Also included for FREE with the course is:

⭐ Lifetime access to all the recordings of the courses constructed into easy to find modules for each section

⭐ Free webinar on setting up a successful mushroom growing business

⭐ Free video course on how to inoculate mushroom growing logs which will be added in Spring 2022

⭐ Free video course on how to make an easy outdoor wine cap mushroom grow bed which will be added in Spring 2022

⭐ Access to the new private easy mushroom growing course Facebook group where you can hang out with others who have taken the course and ask questions to me during the week in between lessons.

⭐ 10% off any products with your next order with Upcycled Mushrooms



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