Let’s save our soils: how to create nutrient dense soil with Fungi


With 30% of the world’s food produced using toxic agricultural practices (using 75% of the agricultural land to do so 😒, we are witnessing the loss of soil at such an alarming rate that we are likely to have no topsoil left within 40 – 60 harvests.

And fungi, a vital part of the soil food web, are among the collateral damage from these often irrelevant chemical inputs.


So, how do we build nutrient rich soils without destroying our soils?
Well, luckily, many of us are growing food in ways which are harmonious with the rest of the living world. And, mushrooms are a brilliant way to build soil structure and nutrition, whilst also providing a valuable food source.

In this online training, learn how easy it is to create nutrient dense soil by companion planting with delicious, gourmet edible mushrooms.

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