COP26 is a COP OUT for sustainable agriculture

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As I expected, regenerative farming has been pushed out of COP26.

This really does not surprise me, but it is deeply frustrating considering that regenerative farming holds many of the solutions to a lot of the problems we face.

Small scale regenerative farming feeds 70-80% of the world, this is done on just 25% of the land currently used for agriculture. Meanwhile the industrial food model ravages 75% of the agriculture land to produce just 20-30% of the world’s food supply, with huge environmental impacts that further destroy our ecosystem?.

You make the biggest 3️ environmental decisions a day when you decide what to eat.

5 ways you can change the food system:


Buy Local ? – Find out who your local food producers are. For more help with this look on the community supported agriculture (CSA) website to see if there is a CSA in your area.


Avoid buying from supermarket chains ? – By avoiding these entities they will change to fit with the new food system. If you need to shop with them then try to buy Organic foods, so that you are supporting better farming practices.


Eat less meat ??? – If you eat meat then it is much better to eat less and buy high welfare products such as grass fed beef and organic free range chicken. You could substitute meat in your diet with ?MUSHROOMS? Gourmet mushrooms like Lion’s mane contain a lot of protein and have an extremely meaty texture and flavour.


Eat seasonally ???❄️- We are used to having every food we want at any time of the year. Often, foods have huge transport miles as it’s grown all over the world to make it available all year. It’s much better to eat foods that are in season locally, not only for the emissions involved in transporting them, but also because they are usually fresher when grown locally!


Grow your own food ? – Not everyone has access to land, but you can always find a window sill for a small salad or herb box. If you have a garden, then you turn some of it into a vegetable garden. I love to put down wood chip paths in my garden and grow wine cap mushrooms on them, so even the paths can produce food!


Here is Deidre Woods from the Landworkers Alliance talking about how the doors to COP26 were closed for small scale farmers to express their voices. Once again get big or get out seems to be the only farming policy even if its massively damaging to everything…

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